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Determine Your Why

When deciding to buy a home in the Austin area which includes the growing cities of Lakeway, Dripping Springs, Westlake, Georgetown, Round Rock, Downtown and surrounding areas it is important to determine your why.

Are you relocating to Texas and looking to buy a home? Are you a first time homebuyer that is looking to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage and start gaining equity in your own home? Have you outgrown your home and are looking for more space?

Whatever your reasons may be, it is important to share your goals with your Buy Texas Realtor® so they can support you and help you find your dream home in Northern Colorado.


Cash, Financing, Or a little bit of both?

If you’re not looking to buy your next home cash, speaking with a lender before beginning your Austin home search is highly recommended. Texas Is becoming an increasingly popular place to live and Ausitn has experienced tremendous growth over the last decade. With increased interest in Austin, buyers looking to purchase a home should know what they can qualify for, making the home search more productive and enjoyable.

I recommend obtaining a pre-qualification letter as soon as you decide. As it is a necessary document when making an offer on a home. Without a prequalification letter, most sellers will not even consider your offer, which may mean you could lose the home to another buyer.

We would gladly put you in contact with one of our preferred Lenders/Banks!


Start Your Home Search

Now it’s time for the exciting part, starting your Austin home search. As your representatives we will work diligently to send you the most up to date listings.

As licensed Texas real estate Agents, We have access to the most relevant and modern real estate tools to ensure you get the most recent listings and information before anyone else. As a member of Austin Board of Realtors, I can set up specially tailored searches that are specific to you and your home buying goals.

In addition to modern tools has a network of over 1000 agents that share their new off market listings.


You Found A Home, Time To Write An Offer

You have found the perfect home in Austin, Texas! Now it’s time to make an offer. We will act as your guide through the offer writing process, breaking down every piece of real estate terminology used in the contract.

First, we will review comparable properties, the general condition of the property, and market conditions that help decide our offer price and our negotiation strategy.
The closing date, any financial contingencies, inspection reports and concessions will be additional variables to discuss when writing an offer. Once you have reviewed and agreed upon the offer, we will deliver the offer to the seller and await a response.

In the current Austin market it is common to hear back from a seller within 24-48 unless it is expressed in the listing that all offers will be reviewed on a specified date.


Offer Accepted, Time for Due Diligence

Great news, your offer has been accepted! Now that the seller has accepted your offer, we will need to promptly deposit earnest money into an escrow account which begins the due diligence process.

We will work with you to hire inspectors, review the title history, survey, HOA and deed restrictions. Once the inspections are complete we will evaluate these reports with you. From there we will determine whether repair concessions from the Seller should be pursued. Once proper due diligence and final negotiations are completed, it is time to proceed to closing.


The Closing

Typically, 30-40 days when using Conventional Financing but can be as quick as 7-14 days on a cash deal. This time is necessary for a loan to be underwritten and approved. Cash deals have no restrictions like this but a due diligence period is highly recommended.

There are a few items to complete in advance of your closing date. This includes scheduling utility transfers, booking the movers, and collecting moving boxes.

On the day of closing we will perform a final walkthrough of the home to ensure the condition of the property is acceptable in concurrence with the terms laid out in the contract.
Lastly, It’s time to sign papers and fund the deal! The home is now officially yours.

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